Thursday, September 30, 2010

Family Photos

Since fall is here and we're getting ready to do this year's fall pictures...I'd better get around to posting these from last year.

Oh these four are so much work for this mama, but so much fun and full of love.
Nana and Papa with all five grandbabies.
My, I love each of them so!
And here's the chaos of setting up for the previous picture. Love Sam's face here...he's got that 'save me from all the estrogen' look!
All of us together...the Eisher/Jerkins family.
And another shot of the loves of my life. I love Emily's real smile here. It's so hard to get pictures of them with real smiles.
The Jerkins/Butler family.
DeeDee and Grand with all six grandbabies.
I love how Frannie's holding Walt and Becca's hands here, and Mara's goofy smile too.
I'm excited to do fall pictures in a few weeks again (whew, thank you Jesus for the cooler weather)...even though I'll be hugely pregnant.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miss Patty Cake

Let's rewind all the way back to last December...our annual morning with Miss Patty Cake. This was our third year to go see her. Look at how little they were last year (well, I guess technically this post would be "last year's" trip but you know what I mean!)...oh my word, and the year before too!

This time we had front row seats.
We LOVE Miss Patty Cake and can't wait to see her again in just a couple of months.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A very important first

First ice cream...very important indeed. And look at that face. He's so very proud of both the treat and the mess!


Monday, September 20, 2010

I Wanna Go Back

We took our annual trip to St. George Island, Florida at the end of July. I can so hear the waves, smell the ocean, and feel the 200% humidity just by looking at this picture.
The girls were so very busy all week. They did several "wood crafts" with Papa...
Had a luau one night...
And made cookies with Nana (sporting gorgeous self-inflicted make overs).
It was so very hot outside we pretty much spent all of our outside time in the pool or in the ocean. Here's Emily ALL decked out for the pool!
Sam loved the water as long as he had his tennis ball to play catch with.
Becca Sue would not even get close to the pool last year, but she was paddling all over the place this year.
Here's Emily in action...I love it!
I think this picture is my favorite one from all week. You totally can't tell here how much these two love to argue!
Sam looks happy here, but he pretty much hated the sand.
My four trouble-makers...complete with a couple fake smiles, a pair of grumpy arms, and one finger pointing.
Dancing on the beach...too fun!
I'm sure Mara Lin was singing some song here.
And Em was laughing at a joke none of us will ever get...or possibly a fart she'd just let rip!
And oh my word, where has my baby girl gone?! Becca Sue looks so gorgeous here, but way too old.
And finally my sweet stinker of a baby boy!
We accomplished a lot of fun, but accomplished way more relaxing too. Man, I wanna go back!


Friday, September 17, 2010

First Things First

Fifteen months ago I was able to keep the "Three Girl Circus" part of my blog and just added the "and one little monkey."

In twelve more weeks, adding just a tag line is not going to cut it.

We're adding another baby girl to this crazy circus. So what in the world will my blog be named then?


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grand Plans

Make sure you're sitting down.

I don't want to be responsible for any injuries from your shock.

It's been six months since I've blogged and I really want to get back into it. I have grand plans to do some catch up posts but we'll see what actually gets done. I've got a lot on my mind lately and am excited to have a place to dump those thoughts again.

So, to my two readers I have left....I'm back!