Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Favorite Christmas Present

This is by far their favorite....thanks Aunt Leah!
Oh, and these pictures are not staged, they really do share it that well too. Amazing! I think that's why it's my favorite Christmas present too!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Five-Year-Old's Perspective On Heaven

Mara Lin has been asking tons of questions and talking a lot about salvation lately. Well, she doesn't use the term 'salvation', but rather says..
-Hey Mom, let's talk about sin again.
-Momma, does Jesus cry when we sin?
-When did you ask Jesus to be your forever friend?

She's really thinking a lot lately and learning so much. I'm not sure if she's 'there' yet, but if she's not 'there' then she's very close.

Several nights ago, I asked Phillip to talk to her to see what he thought and here's how the conversation went.....

Daddy: Mara, did you ask Jesus to be your forever friend?
Mara: I did, Daddy.
Daddy: What about your sin?
Mara: I told Jesus that I was sorry for my sins.
Daddy: How does your sin make Jesus feel?
Mara: It makes Him sad.
Daddy: That's right. So why do we get to go to heaven?
Mara: Huh?
Daddy: Do we get to go to heaven because we're good or because Jesus was good?
Mara: Huh?
Daddy: How do you get to heaven?
Mara: You die.

I was laughing so hard at that last response that the meaningful conversation was over. I LOVE all of her questions and her sweet, sweet faith though!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's that time warp again.

So you're bee-boppin' along on January 24th....
Then you cover your eyes from the bright flash in the sky....
It's another Lost time warp....
And you find yourself one month back in time on Christmas morning.

Ok, so the truth again is that I'm just now getting around to posting Christmas photos. Only took me one month!

I LOVE this first one. Mara and Emily were up at the crack of dawn. Before we went downstairs to see what Santa brought, we had to wake Becca up out of a dead sleep. She wasn't quite awake and I love the half asleep confused look on her face!
I also love the 'in PJs with messy hair Christmas morning' pictures.
Yep, we jumped on the bandwagon and got a Wii from Santa. Love, love, love it. We've had the best family times with it this month. Oh, and I'm not too proud to admit that my five-year-old usually beats me in bowling every time!
We drove to Memphis on Christmas afternoon and had a great time with DeeDee and Grand. This is Becca after the "Happy Birthday Jesus" glad I got her naked first...she had blue icing EVERYWHERE!
Ok, careful...cover your eyes again cause you're fixing to get flashed back to January 24th.


Friday, January 23, 2009

I must be in one of those Lost time warps...

...because there is no way that it has been two entire weeks since I have posted.

The real reason though is that life has just gotten in the way. We've been incredible busy...running from this meeting to that meeting, this birthday party to that birthday party, and this doctor's appointment to that doctor's appointment.

I am also not a worrier but am experiencing a whole new world of worry for this new baby. I miscarried last time around 16 weeks so the last couple of weeks have been tough. I did go to the doctor this week though and got to hear the baby's heartbeat fill the room at 162 beats per minute (sounding like another girl!). All three of the girls have also had Fifth's disease which is not a big deal for them but pretty bad for an unborn baby. I found out this week that I have an immunity to Fifth's disease so all is well with that too. Now only eleven more days until the ultrasound where we'll find out we're having another girl!

The busyness and lack of blogging lately has got me thinking about why I blog though. I have made some incredible friends that I never would have met outside of this blogging world, but the main reason I blog is to remember. I love that I have a 'scrapbook' (my real life friends have just gasped knowing how much I hate scrap booking) of sorts of this time in my life. God has blessed us immensely with these three gorgeous and hilarious little people. Although life with three preschool children is pretty tough some days, it is too sweet all of the time. Time is going WAY too fast and I know I'll forget this season of my life all too soon. How fun will this blog be to read when I'm sixty and have grown children and grandchildren on the way? Yep, that's why I blog!

So with all of that said, let's just pretend that I've not been gone for two weeks, and your google reader has been full of lots of memories from the Three Girl Circus!

Oh, and I have to confess that I totally did not learn Motherhood Lesson #389 cause I changed a poopy diaper again yesterday...with a scarf on!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Motherhood Lesson #389

Never change a poopy diaper with a scarf on!


Friday, January 2, 2009

All Over Again

Could he be a better Daddy?!?
He made these three little girls the happiest little princesses (with gorgeous pink toes) on the planet.

Makes me fall in love with him All. Over. Again.