Thursday, September 30, 2010

Family Photos

Since fall is here and we're getting ready to do this year's fall pictures...I'd better get around to posting these from last year.

Oh these four are so much work for this mama, but so much fun and full of love.
Nana and Papa with all five grandbabies.
My, I love each of them so!
And here's the chaos of setting up for the previous picture. Love Sam's face here...he's got that 'save me from all the estrogen' look!
All of us together...the Eisher/Jerkins family.
And another shot of the loves of my life. I love Emily's real smile here. It's so hard to get pictures of them with real smiles.
The Jerkins/Butler family.
DeeDee and Grand with all six grandbabies.
I love how Frannie's holding Walt and Becca's hands here, and Mara's goofy smile too.
I'm excited to do fall pictures in a few weeks again (whew, thank you Jesus for the cooler weather)...even though I'll be hugely pregnant.


Rhen @Yes, they are all mine said...

I will be working on our family pictures in a few weeks. We will be taking our Fall family camping trip, and I think it will be the perfect opportunity to get some great shots. Yay! You have such a beautiful family!

christunte said...

Well, I can see Emily´s dad in her eyes and smile.
Beautiful pictures and beautiful family. No wonder you are pleased with and proud of them!