Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Becca's 4th Birthday

I love, love, love birthdays! Love birthdays of the people I love and even love my own birthday. Becca Sue's birthday was on a Saturday this year, and it was so much fun to celebrate it ALL day.

We had a party at the local donut shop that morning. Here's Becca with her BFF...I love the relationship these two have that she doesn't mind that he helps her blow her candles out. Dawson can help but her sisters better not even breathe anywhere near her candles!
Sam found friends with the Warta boys and was entertained all morning. They're teaching him how cool it is to be a boy!
This is her blowing another candle out after our lunch that day...or rather with her eyes closed wishing before blowing it out.
Ok, who gave the boy a cupcake? He's such a mess and so proud of it!
And the birthday girl lounging while we sing to her yet again at supper!
Becca Sue, You are such a big girl. We have had so many changes in your little world over the last six months and you have just gone with the flow...evidence that you are still the easy going little girl I first met four years ago...underneath the stubborn exterior of course! You're still the best surprise God has ever given me. Love you so much...Happy #4 Becca Boo!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Farm Trip

We love the local pumpkin farm here. This year it was huge. They did have a large area of overpriced activities, but still had a large enough area of free and reasonably priced activities too.

Here are the girls trying to negotiate the hay mountain.
...and success!
Say cheese Emily.
Mara coming down the huge slide.
Emily on the tire swing.
Emily and Sam on the huge teeter totter.
Sam hanging on for dear life in the slippery straw.
And getting help from big sis to figure out the rope maze.
Hmmm, don't get lost in the corn maze big boy!
"Sam, blow Mommy a kiss." Love it!

Emily and Becca playing peacefully in the sand. It really is a rare occourrance....these two can argue like pros.
I did unbelievably well letting them get dirty.
All four next to the huge pumpkin.
And now the boy doing what he does best...getting dirty and making a mess.

And finally picking out pumpkins. I think this is my favorite picture of the day.