Saturday, November 21, 2009

My baby girl turns three.

Catch up post #3.

Becca Sue is now three. We had a great birthday party at Build-A-Bear. Look at all of these great looking kids...
I think this is my all time favorite picture of my baby girl. She was holding her bear's heart in her hands and making a wish. This girl is serious about her wish making...she stayed just like this for a full five minutes!
Heidi, this picture is for the rehearsal dinner slide show in about twenty years!
Look at this sweet face. Is this really the same face that screams "NO" 24/7 and spends half of her days in time-out?
All of the kids had a great time and my three girls still sleep with their bear/bunny/puppy every night.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl. You still are my sweet Becca even though everything goes through your stubborn filter. I love you and your little strong will. I pray that God uses that strong will in mighty ways.



christunte said...

I love those pictures. Looks like a perfect birthday, with the stubborn-filter turned off for a while. I am still sure that a strong will is a gift. In 20 years or so (sigh). Congratulations from Denmark.

Heidi said...

We had so much fun! Build-a-Bear was the best. Thanks for sharing the special day with us. Can't wait to use that photo at the wedding...wink, wink.