Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's that time warp again.

So you're bee-boppin' along on January 24th....
Then you cover your eyes from the bright flash in the sky....
It's another Lost time warp....
And you find yourself one month back in time on Christmas morning.

Ok, so the truth again is that I'm just now getting around to posting Christmas photos. Only took me one month!

I LOVE this first one. Mara and Emily were up at the crack of dawn. Before we went downstairs to see what Santa brought, we had to wake Becca up out of a dead sleep. She wasn't quite awake and I love the half asleep confused look on her face!
I also love the 'in PJs with messy hair Christmas morning' pictures.
Yep, we jumped on the bandwagon and got a Wii from Santa. Love, love, love it. We've had the best family times with it this month. Oh, and I'm not too proud to admit that my five-year-old usually beats me in bowling every time!
We drove to Memphis on Christmas afternoon and had a great time with DeeDee and Grand. This is Becca after the "Happy Birthday Jesus" glad I got her naked first...she had blue icing EVERYWHERE!
Ok, careful...cover your eyes again cause you're fixing to get flashed back to January 24th.



Sharon said...

I love that she is naked except for her Christmas socks...a girl can't lose her sense of Christmas fashion just because of blue icing!!!

not up to code said...

I just got around to watching Lost last night - so this post makes sense to me now! Do you know we watched the 2 hour season premier in 1 hour via the DVR!

Becca has that dazed and confused Christmas morning thing going on.

Heidi said...

Great pics...looks like you guys had so much fun.

Mamarazzi said...

so FUN!!! i was in a time warp myself not long ago...i wanted to get it all on the blog so it went up as i had time. i cannot miss a thing!if it happened...It. Must. Be. Documented.

love your little cuties