Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Five-Year-Old's Perspective On Heaven

Mara Lin has been asking tons of questions and talking a lot about salvation lately. Well, she doesn't use the term 'salvation', but rather says..
-Hey Mom, let's talk about sin again.
-Momma, does Jesus cry when we sin?
-When did you ask Jesus to be your forever friend?

She's really thinking a lot lately and learning so much. I'm not sure if she's 'there' yet, but if she's not 'there' then she's very close.

Several nights ago, I asked Phillip to talk to her to see what he thought and here's how the conversation went.....

Daddy: Mara, did you ask Jesus to be your forever friend?
Mara: I did, Daddy.
Daddy: What about your sin?
Mara: I told Jesus that I was sorry for my sins.
Daddy: How does your sin make Jesus feel?
Mara: It makes Him sad.
Daddy: That's right. So why do we get to go to heaven?
Mara: Huh?
Daddy: Do we get to go to heaven because we're good or because Jesus was good?
Mara: Huh?
Daddy: How do you get to heaven?
Mara: You die.

I was laughing so hard at that last response that the meaningful conversation was over. I LOVE all of her questions and her sweet, sweet faith though!



Jessica said...

THAT was HILARIOUS!!!! so sweet!

ginny said...

That made me laugh out loud :)

Jenny M. said...

That is so sweet, Carrie.

SweetPea said...

Awwww.... That is too cute!

Clements, party of 5 said...

How very sweet that at such an early age she knows that without the talk of sin, how can you know you need a savior. That is too precious!

Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

Girl, this one made my heart hurt in a good way.
God is doing such a good job through you two with your little sweeties!

Amanda said...

Your girls are beautiful! What a precious story. Thanks for sharing. I love a 5 year olds wisdom. I have one myself that amazes me daily.