Friday, July 27, 2007


One of the bad things about babies learning to do new things is that they don't know how to 'undo' those things. (Ha, that's true about me too!)

Becca is pulling up in her crib and then she doesn't know how to get back she just screams for Mama. The other girls did this same thing too.

She's been getting herself into a sitting position by herself for a month or so now, and it cracks me up that she still doesn't know how to lay back down once she's sitting up. She just folds herself in half and goes to sleep (well, after some complaining). I've been having to go upstairs to 'lay her down' after she goes to sleep so she doesn't wake up screaming 10 minutes later cause she can't feel her bottom half!

Ouch, my back is killing me just looking at these pictures!



Linda said...

OK, Carrie, I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying this, but you have the cutest kids I've seen in bloggityville! Seriously! How do you not kiss those little cheeks all day long and not get anything else done?! I looked over your profile and see that we have Audio Adrenaline and Veggie Tales in common, amongst other things. Anyway, I've gotten a kick out of your posts, and esp. the collapsible little one.

DebMomOf3 said...

That's too funny! It's so cute to watch little ones learn new things almost every day it seems. My Becca has figured out how to shut the door to her room, but not how to open it yet, so I have to keep going to let her out when she realizes she's stuck in there, lol.

not up to code said...

Babies are made out of rubber! That's how they survive the toddler years.

Jessica said...

I just love that! Claire did the exact same thing.

Corrine said...

LOL!!! I SO can relate to this!! When Joseph was 2, he'd climb up on the entertainment center, pretending to be Spiderman. But of course, he could never get down. So he'd be clutching on to the TV and yelling for Mama LOL!