Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Top Ten

Top ten don'ts I never thought I'd say...... (until I became a mom!)

Don't lick the window.
Don't kiss the lego.
Don't sit on your sister.
Don't finger paint with the ketchup.
Don't tickle her face.
Don't put that crayon up your nose.
Don't lick me.
Don't stand on the table.
Don't put that crayon in your ear.
Don't lick the bottom of your shoe.



ivey elizabeth said...

hey I just found your blog and couldn't resist commenting about those sweet but uncomfortably sleeping poses. Babies are amazing sometimes. We are in the south too....

traci said...

Hey I had one of those tonight!

"Don't lick the kitchen floor!"

Jessica said...

WHY must they lick EVERYTHING? I am glad that other parents have this issue too b/c it helps me to know that my kids aren't weird! : )

ginny said...

Oh, I definately have to stop the licking. Sadly, it is still sometimes my 4-year old doing it :)

The Author said...
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