Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, Honey!

To Mara, Emily, and Becca's Daddy...
I can't believe that this picture was taken three and a half years ago. You were so awkward and careful with Mara Lin then, but from that very first day you were the best dad I could ever have imagined. The girls absolutely adore you! Thanks so much for being an incredible dad....for being the picture of Christ in my girls' lives....for loving them and me unconditionally. Your princesses love you. Happy Father's Day.


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Phil said...

Thanks for the post, and the encouragement! I'll go ahead and say it: I wouldn't be the dad I am without you :-) Really, though, you've been very patient as you've taught me - clueless geek - how to care for three girls. Even last night at midnight, you were showing me how to get a restless baby to sleep. Thanks, and I love you!