Sunday, July 17, 2011

What we've been up pictures. Part 2

The first part of 2011 is mostly a blur of sleepless nights and falling more in love with this little booger during every one of those sleepless nights.
Emily Elizabeth turned 6.
Celebrating Em's birthday at the pottery place.
Easter egg hunt at Nana and Papa's.
One of Mara Lin's writings was published in a county wide publication.
And she got to read her story for the whole school at arts night.
We dedicated Ruthie Carolyn.
The cicadas invaded.
We celebrated our family's 10th birthday (our anniversary).
Becca Sue graduated preschool and is Kindergarten bound. *sniff sniff*
I completed my first 5K!
Becca and Mara performed their ballet recital.

My three big girls (the original Three Girl Circus!) with Mrs. Sharon, their ballet teacher.
Vacationed on the beaches of Saint George Island.
The boy turned 2.
Oh what a mess he is!
Whew, and now I'm caught up. So much is happening in the next month, it makes my head spin. On the to do list is to blog while the memories are fresh though.



Rachel said...

I can't believe how big they are growing. Aria just started kindergarten here. I dropped her off just fine, no problems. I sobbed when I picked her sad is that? Oh, and Ruthie? Where's a spoon cause I could eat the adorable face right up!

christunte said...

You are SO COOL! Running your first 5K after becoming a mother of 5 children? How did you ever train for that?!