Friday, July 22, 2011

New Territory

Mara: Mom, can you buy me some perfume?

Me: Why do you want perfume?

Her: Because perfume makes boys come around you.

Me: (After choking on my coffee.) Do you want boys to come around you?

Her: Yes.

Me: Why?

Her: So I can get a boyfriend.

Me: (After being revived from cardiac arrest.) Why do you want a boyfriend?

Her: So we can fall in love, get married, and have kids. I want to manage my own family when I grow up. (She really used those words.)

Oh. Sweet. Mercy.

I do believe I have a tween on my hands. That makes my blood pressure go up, my palms sweaty, and my prayer life more active than ever before.

I want so desperately to teach her that beauty comes from inside, and that nothing is more beautiful than a girl running after God with everything she is. And the world will contradict both of those definitions of beauty.

Lord, help me protect, teach, love, discipline, and raise up these young women. I'm feeling overwhelmed right now and honestly down right scared. Lord, thank you for loving my girls more than I do. Please protect and raise up Godly husbands for each of them.

Mercy, I need some more coffee!


Mom said...

I love you

christunte said...

I think you'll be a wonderful grandmother......

ginny said...

So great you're back! All 5 are adorable and can't wait to see more pics!

Amen to this post! Remember, God planned for you to be your girls' mommy, so He must know you can do it. (with His help, of course!)

Heather said...

Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)