Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Works for me Wednesday: Preschool games

First of all let me just say that I HATE preschool games. The girls love them but I'd rather gouge my eyes out than play some of them!

Exhibit 1: Lucky Ducks. Yep, plenty of eye gouging when they choose this game.
Exhibit 2: Chutes and Ladders. I've blogged about this 'confusion in a box' before. Yep, more eye gouging.

Exhibit 3: Hi Ho Cherry-O. This one is not too painful the first two times you play it...but after the tenth time in an guessed it, eye gouging.
Exhibit 4: Memory game. This one is also fun the first time you play it, but Becca always makes the girls mad when she messes up the cards on the floor. They all end up crying, and you guessed it again...more eye gouging.

Exhibit 5: Boggle Jr. Mara loves this game but Emily doesn't 'get' it at all. It's a pretty good game but Emily always wants to play too, and then it makes Mara mad when she doesn't understand how to play. No eye gouging yet, but still not a whole lot of fun.
Exhibit 6: Candyland Castle. Finally one that we love. All three girls can even play this game without Mommy (after she tires from the first dozen games). They really like the whole lever pulling thing, and it's easy enough for an almost two year old yet holds a four year old's attention.

Exhibit 7: Zingo. This game is FABULOUS. I had never heard of it before, but we got it as a gift from my in-laws. If you have preschoolers who love games and you'd like to keep your must go get this game! Again all three girls love it and can play by themselves as well. For more Works for me Wednesday, check out Rocks in my Dryer.



Chelle said...

That's funny. I was just thinking yesterday that I really could kill the person who invented Chutes and Ladders. I actually had murder in my heart. Lord please forgive me.

AutumnFawn said...

Cracks me up!! I can so relate.

I just posted about my first time to play Candy Land with Shiloh. After 2 times in a row I was done, but she kept asking me to play another game all day long. She finally got Daddy to play after dinner!

I have definitely learned my lesson with the boys over Chutes and Ladders--3 is too young!

Mamarazzi said...

we have all but the last i see that we NEED them. J loves to "babysit" my nieces and nephews so preschool games are a big part of our game collection...and yep we have a lot of them!!

time to get a couple of new ones!

atenne said...

It's great to hear that out of 7 games, you like Zingo the best! I work for ThinkFun (the makers of Zingo) and believe that we do make some of the best mind-challenging games for kids on the market. Have you tried Ducks in a Row yet? It is a new multi-player game that is getting great reviews. Also, keep a look-out for new products for 5-7 year olds this fall. Visit us at