Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Apple store?

You know I usually share the cute things that come out of the girls' mouths....but today I just have to tell you about my Bunco friends.

First of all, thank you Jesus for my Bunco gals! We have such a blast, and I come home recharged and ready to love and take care of my girls and husband.

Last week at Bunco we were talking about a nice mall in our area, and a particular restaurant that is near the mall. So I excitedly added, "Ooooo, there's an Apple store at that mall too!" I got several very confused looks and someone said, "Apple store? You mean the Apple Barn?" And they were confused as to why I was so excited.

Well, obviously my Bunco friends haven't sold their souls to the Apple gods like I have....and I bet they have more money in their pockets too! But I got a good laugh.

Thanks girls for the recharge and for the laugh even a week later!


~Amber~ said...

We are a Mac household as well...Looooooooooooooooove the Apple Store!!!

Totallyscrappy said...

LOL! Some ladies from church got together a few times to play Bunco. It was fun. Enjoy those times with friends... and all your Apple toys.

Traci said...

*I* understood. Us wives of computer dudes just get each other.

BTW, when will we do our version of camping?? ;)

Chelle said...

CONTEXT!!! We were talking about food. ;-) Traci & Carrie camping. Now that makes me laugh.

Lesley said...

I agree, bunco is awesome and so are friends!

Chelle, is right -- context. (I honestly do not know if I would have known what you were talking about in general conversation, though.)

I'm married to a techy, but that is his game, not mine! Likewise, he wouldn't know a good sale on charmin or chicken breasts if he saw it.

Sharon Harrison said...

Oh my gosh...Timothy (Nashville/Green Hills Mall Mac Specialist who also happens to be my cute son) will love this one!! I had a similar experience at work the other day with a table full of ladies that didn't have a clue how to text message :)

We bought a Macbook Pro for Christmas...LOVE IT!!

If you see a cute redhead working in the Apple Store tell him his mom said hi!!

Love you, girl!

traci said...

Now see, Sharon wrote her son was a Mac specialist and I thought she meant MAC cosmetics.


Mamarazzi said...