Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To home school or not to home school...

Every time we see a school bus, Mara and Emily both say that when they get bigger they're going to get to ride on the school bus. (I don't think so!)

Anyway, the other day Mara said that when we saw a bus. I told her that she has to be as big as Isaac (Isaac's 8 and I said that because she'll never be as big as Isaac...clever aren't I!)

She asked if Isaac rides the school bus, but I told her that Isaac goes to school at home and his mommy teaches him.

We've been thinking/praying/talking about all of the different schooling options and am so thankful that we have an entire year and a half before we have to make any decisions.

I asked her if she wanted to go to a school or if she wanted Mommy to teach her at home.

She thought for a minute and said, "I want to go to school at home...I want you to be my teacher, Mama."

I thought, "Wow, she's going to make this decision really easy if she keeps talking like that." But just as soon and that went through my mind, she says.....

"Just like I sleep with Miss Pattycake now instead of Bear and Lamb."


Guess we're back to square one on that decision!



Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

My vote goes with homeschool. I remember when our oldest, Ms. Serious, was just a few months old when her daddy and I knew that we would never make her set foot inside of a government school. I started homeschooling her for preschool and we have not looked back since. Now I teach 4 of our children.
If you would like some more info I have several sites I could send you.

TheVasquez3 said...

tough decision.

it seems more and more people are chosing to homeschool. it was MUCH less popular when Jordan began her school career. we have her in a charter school now, but it took a few years of public school to make us come to that decision. we even homeschooled for a year, for Jordan that was a mistake...she thrived and performed better in a social, away from home, environment. i think if we had a do-over we might have homeschooled from the start, but made sure that we had SEVERAL extra curricular groups we were linked up with to help foster her social development. where we live that seems to be something that is seriously lacking in homeschooling familes. i wonder about the kids and if they are being prepared for developing relationships outside of their family. afterall social networking is a huge lifeskill... one you use your whole life.

i see many pros and many cons on both sides...but the biggest is socially...there is something to be said about a child being able to make their own friends by wieghing the values they are taught at home against the values (or lack there of) out in the world. AND it has been my experience that it is fascinating to watch...i am learing so much from my daughter as she watches the world and develops feelings and opinions about how it all works. VERY interesting!

anyway blah blah blah...sorry.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

How cute! :) If you decide to homeschool, I can tell you all the tricks I used to combat the bus/lunchbox/recess wishes. :)

I've been homeschooling for seven years. This year I have two in public school and two at home. We've made our decision on a year-to-year basis and have covered it all in LOTS of prayer.

We've had great experiences in both arenas. There are benefits and drawbacks to everything, of course, and what fits one family might not be what fits another! Every CHILD is different, even.
You're bound to get lots of input and opinions if you ask for it. :) Hopefully people are gentle and gracious! This can be a HOT topic.

When it comes that time to be making that decision, if you need anything, just yell!

not up to code said...

I am down to just a few months with this decision! All I can offer is to pray - pray hard!

Adena said...

Good luck with that decision. I know it's a hard one to make sometimes. I am graduating my oldest this year and still have four more to go. But I love it and so do my kids. I give them the choice but they say they are able to do so much more homeschooling. They have always been very involved in hobbies, sports, volunteer work, scouts and 4H and they would have missed out on a lot if they were tied up in a school room hours each day. They know what has to be completed and they get it done so they can follow their own interests. They have attended a traditional school before, but after a few weeks would be bored to tears and beg to come back home. Pray over it because some days can be difficult and it is easier when you know it's what God has called you to do.

AutumnFawn said...

Best wishes.

I remember how hard it was to homeschool with a baby to care for, but I am so glad God helped me to stick with it.

I will be glad to encourage or help any way I can!

My Goodness said...

I completely agree with what Cindy said...couldn't have said it better. I have another year to decide myself...and my brain says there's no harm in trying out either direction and changing your mind later.

Llama Momma said...

This is a big decision, and one I believe each family must make for themselves.

We send our boys to public school and love it. They're having a fantastic experience, and we are developing real relationships with our neighbors.

I was reeling a year ago because so many of our friends were choosing to homeschool, and I was wondering if I should too.

But it wasn't right for us, for many reasons. This is. For now anyway.

So one step at a time, trust God to guide you, and go for it -- no matter what other people around you are saying!

Dawn said...

I feel your pain- I am struggling with this too.

While I know that I do not have the patience to homeschool, I was desperately torn between private and public. If money was no issue, I would do private.

We chose to do public for kindergarten this Fall, then maybe private.

It's a tough decision!