Monday, March 17, 2008

Got my soapbox out!

I'm up on my soapbox over here today. Come let me know what you think.



TheVasquez3 said...

i left this "over there" but wanted to leave it "here" too!!

i TOTALLY agree with you!! teaching modesty now will 100% squash the problem in the teen years. they won't be able to use the argument of "well you let me where them before".

also EVERY time i see inapropriate clothing in a store i frequent i write a STRONGLY worded letter and encourage my friends to do the same. we stopped shopping at a clothing store here locally because of the style of clothing the were selling. seriously they were clothes that looked like they should be wrapped around a stripper little girl sizes...GROSS!

mrshoppes said...

This is why I make our own skirts. The skirts and dresses available for girls are way too short. And to get one of modest length, they end up being too loose and falling down.

I scrounge yardsales for fabric and have even used old table cloths and made skirts out of them. Good strong fabric for playing outside.

KC said...

good post..
and on the topic of modest dress.. or just plain A dress at all..
I went to every store in the Mall and then some to find my 12 year old an Easter dress that didn't make her look like she was 6 years old but didn't make her look like she was 20 either and I couldn't find a thing that would be nice for a 12 year old that she and I both liked.. She has her own style.. but it's not way out there, she just basicly wants to look like a pre-teen not a 6 year old.. but then the older looking dresses in the store looked like they should be worn by 20 something girls showing everything.. ~sigh~

AutumnFawn said...

I couldn't agree more. Mark and I are pretty serious about that subject too, but not just b/c we have a girl now.

We want to raise boys who want to eventually date and marry girls who are "modest". (I put that in quotations b/c I know everybody draws their line in a different place) And you are right modesty starts yesterday. I am so blessed to have a sweet little 8 yr. old who turns the channel without being asked when commercials for shows like Dancing with the Stars, etc.. come on. Lincoln is also beginning to show discernment in this area as well. Their Daddy is a great example to them in this area!!!

I know others who think we are too extreme about guarding our eyes, but I wonder whose boys they will want datin' their daughters--ours or ones that have grown up with their minds clouded with endless images of scantily clad girls? I know it is impossible in this sex-crazed world we live in to shelter them from all of that stuff, but we can do our best to teach them how to flee from the temptations. And it starts long before puberty sets in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops didn't mean to push you off your soapbox and take over.:) Just know you are not alone!! Great post!