Friday, March 28, 2008

"If I Could Turn Back Time"...

...sang in my best Cher voice!

The good news: I have two more weeks to knit something for the new baby.

The bad news: I have to be pregnant for two more weeks.

So I never blogged about the craziness of first finding out we were pregnant again... I was almost a week late for my cycle but a home pregnancy test (ok, tests) were negative. It was our third month on Clomid so I had an appointment with my ob/gyn to discuss further options on trying to get pregnant. But since my cycle still hadn't started, he drew blood. It came back that I was pregnant but my levels were really low...low enough to not show up on a home test. So we really didn't know what was going on and made an appointment for five days later to see if the hcg levels were going up or down. Whew, that was a long five days! The levels went way up on this test so everything was ok and we scheduled an ultrasound for two weeks later.

The ultrasound appointment was this morning. The doctor couldn't see what he wanted to see in his office so he scheduled me to go downstairs to the hospital's ultrasound department. So, I went to that appointment a couple of hours later and sat there for an hour and a half (with a full bladder). Then of course the ultrasound tech wouldn't tell me anything or even let me see the screen during the test.

The doctor called just like 30 minutes later though to say that the baby looked great and had a heart rate of 140 bpm, but only measured 6wks 4days instead of 8wks 4days. So something kooky happened with my cycle even though I did Clomid and my due date is exactly two weeks later than I thought.

So all of that to say that I need to tell Cher that I've figured out how to turn back time. That little baby in the sidebar was actually starting to look human, but now is back to looking even more alien monstery then when I last blogged about it!

Whew, a day of being a worry wort has left me exhausted. God is really teaching me that He is in control. Wonder when I'll learn it so He can stop teaching it to me?



TheVasquez3 said...

i never was good at math but your little alien baby says 234 days to go and you say 2 weeks. are there still only 7 days in a week or does that change on leap year? maybe i am just missing something...i need to go and read it again. i am SURE its me!

WHATEVER...i am STILL so excited about the new baby...big big YAY!!

TheVasquez3 said...

it WAS me...nevermind. i am lame. it made WAY more sense to me the SECOND time i read it. sheesh!!

you would think i was the pregnant one!!

Lesley said...

I'm praising God that he looks great. (Did you pick up on the he? ha,ha)

I would have been exhausted, too, from worrying -- emotionally spent.

Somehow my due date was off two weeks with Isaac. I didn't find out until I was 21 weeks that I was really only 19 weeks. Lawsy mercy it felt like I was 20 weeks pregnant for a month (19, then 20, then 21, then back to 19, then 20, then 21). So, I'm glad you found out now.

Jessica said...

The same thing happened with Claire... except we didn't find out about our due date being wrong until 20 weeks. Glad everything is good with the sweet baby, though.

Sileena said...

Will you be finding out, if possible, if this is a boy or girl? The suspense is excruciating.

~Rhen said...

How crazy is that? I was just wondering a little something myself. I never started in March so we picked up a test. It came back negative but I keep having a nagging thought in the back of my head. Then, today I pop over to catch up and you post this. Hmmmm. I wonder if God is saying something?

PS- Better to find out you are due later now than when you are much further along!

Expat Mom said...

The same thing happened to me with my firstborn. I was positive I was 8 weeks and the doctor said 6. But in later ultrasounds, he grew so fast that my due date ended up being the correct one . . . but he stayed in an extra month, just to prove us both wrong! :S

ginny said...

So glad all is going well with your pregnancy. I mean, except for being sick and tired and all that : ) It will pass soon and you'll be holding a new little one before you know it! Praying for you.

ginny said...

Oh, and I took a couple tests that came back negative when I was first pregnant with Levi. We certainly weren't trying to get pregnant, so when the tests kept coming back negative (over the course of a few weeks), I convinced myself I had cancer...I often wonder where my girls get their dramatic flair!