Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Works for me Wednesday: Online Shopping Edition

I LOVE to shop online. In fact, if I could do my weekly grocery shopping online, I'd probably never have to actually go shopping. Here are just a few of my favorites.

First of all, I love the bargains website Want Not. Mir posts all kinds of fabulous deals several times a day. I usually cave when there's a great toy deal, then I put it up in our 'toy closet'. When we're invited to birthday parties, I just get a toy from the toy closet. And I also go to it for the girls' birthdays and Christmas.

Then of course there's Ebay. Everybody knows about ebay, but this is where I get all of the girls' clothes. I love Hanna Andersson and Gymboree, but can't afford either of their brand new prices. I have bought an outfit on ebay for $20... all three girls have worn it. Then I've turned around and sold it three years later on ebay for $25. Can't beat that.

And finally, if you're looking for a few hours to kill, you've got to check out Etsy. Anyone can go to etsy and open a shop, but everything you sell must be handmade. Most of the shops are moms just like me selling really cute things. And yes, I do have a shop but it's totally's on my never ending to do list.

Now I'm going to go check out Rocks in my Dryer to see where everyone else likes to shop online. Honey, I won't spend ALL of your money today!


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Anonymous said...

I've never tried it, but there is a way to get groceries delivered to your house.