Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mom, can we keep him?

The baby cows down the street were born last week, so we love seeing them everytime we drive by.

Mara's voice goes up at least two octaves when she says, "Oh Momma, look at the babies. They're so CUUUUUUTE"

Mara: Momma, can we get a baby cow?
Me: No, baby, our house isn't big enough for a baby cow.
Mara: But we can keep him in the yard.
Me: No, we'd better not. Cows stink.
Mara: But Becca stinks when she's poopy.

Hmmmm, I'd better think of some more excuses.


Lesley said...

We love to look at those baby cows. Hmm, sounds like a good field trip.

ginny said...

She has a point :) And, really, a cow would eat all your grass so you'd never have to mow. You don't have to walk a cow and when you get tired of it, you take it to the butcher and eat on it for years, probably. I'm with Mara and think we need a baby cow too!

AutumnFawn said...

I have started going to a farm to buy our milk and our 3 love to see the baby cows too! Shiloh asked me why none of the cows were mooing. I had no clue. She decided to do some mooing herself, and it did in fact draw the cows' attention. Still no mooing from the cows, though.

Be Inspired Always said...

Cows are cute. We use to raise angus cattle. But we no longer do that. We miss how friendly they are and how a baby will follow their mom anywhere it goes and visa versa.