Saturday, February 2, 2008

Welcome Google Searchers **Updated**

To see what search engine searches bring people to your site you can use several things. Sitemeter will tell you only the clicks under the referral tab. Google Analytics is pretty good too, but my favorite is the Google Webmaster tools. Oh, and all of these tools are free.

Here are just a few crazy google searches that brought people to the Three-Girl Circus....

"girl with worms in mouth"
Hmmmm, I think I've had a few boogers in the mouth but not sure about worms.

"happy birthday happy birthday baby oh i love you so"
I do believe that that is the longest Google search I've ever seen.

"inside of nose hurts"
I think I talk about nose picking and boogers too much.

"what do circus animals eat"
Ha, I'm not sure, but my animals like pizza, hot dogs, spaghetti, pb&j, etc.

"phil scar"
Phillip will get a kick out of this one...remember his revolutionary no scar surgery technique?

"girl picking nose"
Yep, I do talk about nose picking and boogers too much!



Melissa said...

Your right, alot of them are about boogers! How funny!

Totallyscrappy said...

Boogers are just plain funny!
This was a neat post. How do you figure what Google searchers were searching for?

Sileena said...

Carrie, that's my same question: how do you find out what google searchers are searching for?