Monday, February 4, 2008

Mara and Caiden sittin' in a tree...

Me: Wow whee Mara, you look pretty.
Mara: I'm getting married.
Me: You are? Who are you going to marry?
Mara: Well.....I'm going to marry a boy, but Daddy's too tall because I won't be able to reach him to have to kiss when you get married.
Me: Oh really. So who are you going to marry?
Mara: Caiden.

I love her 'you have to kiss' logic, and couldn't pick better in-laws for her!



Kimmers said...

I sent you an email but not sure if you got it! You won my giveaway. Email me your address so I can send you your gift card.Kim

Heidi said...

I couldn't hope for anything more for that to come true - to have Mara as a daugher-in-law would make this crazy world a lot more complete!

P.S. I think Caiden feels the same way - not sure about the kissing part though. He hardly gives his momma those loves!