Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kissed and Made Up

So remember last week when I threw the dvr out the window? Well, we have kissed and made up....I'm back in love.

When you have to be awake to catch puke every ten minutes for four hours in the wee hours of the morning (times two out of three girls = two nights in a row!), the dvr is my best friend.

No infomercial watching here.

I caught up on Dancing with the Stars. I'm so sad that Jenny didn't make it to the finals, but LOVE that Helio won. How cute is he?!?

Then I caught up on ER, Survivor, and Friday Night Lights too.

Mara and I were watching Kid Nation last night in between the puke catching, and I think I have a future reality tv addict on my hands...guess she gets that honestly though.

Ok, I'd better get back to the fourteen loads of puke infested laundry waiting on me!


carrie said...


Amanda said...

Ooh! I can relate! I only had to catch the puke from one sick little girl, so I guess there is a blessing in that.

Anonymous said...

Poor little sweeties! I hope they all feel much better very soon.

When you get caught up on laundry you are always welcome to stop by and do a little of mine. :)

~Rhen said...

Ooops- I am not anonymous as the above says!!