Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Ok, so maybe I'll finish talking about our trip today.

Grandma's birthday was on Thursday and we talked her into going out to eat. She doesn't leave her house much so it was a big deal to get her out on Tuesday for dinner at my uncle's house, then the picnic on the 4th, and on her birthday. Three days in a row, I think she'll be recovering until next month some time.

The service was pretty bad at the restaurant, but the food was pretty good. And they made up for it and made Grandma's day by bringing dessert. Here's Mom standing beside her. They were trying to get her and all of her kids over there to take a picture but she didn't want to put down her ice cream!And here's the final product....Grandma sans ice cream and no one picking their noses or bottoms. The girls did great at the restaurant considering that we didn't get our food until 8pm and they are usually in bed by then. This was the scene in the car just a few minutes after leaving.


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