Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beaver Park

I better get busy with these trip updates for we'll be in the middle of the next trip while I'm still trying to tell stories from this one!

One morning we went to Beaver Park. Here are some pictures from the Old McDonald's Farm. Emily didn't think these pigs were real until Nana showed her their noses moving. They were napping hard.
The prairie dogs were really active so we watched them for a while. If you ask Mara what animals we saw that day, she'll say, "monkeys, giraffes, elephants, and bears." Of course we saw pigs, cows, ducks, chickens, prairie dogs, and sheep....but what's the difference?!
The park had a really cool playground and this 'sprinkler'. Mom and Dad actually used to play at this park when they were growing up and this used to be a big wading pool.
The pictures in the previous post are from this day too. Emily was very upset because Mara was splashing her with water. Never mind the fact that she was soaking wet and running through the sprinkler herself! In the last picture she was screaming "Momma" and reaching for me. I felt so bad for her that I reached for the camera instead of running to get her. I also remember seeing several pictures from about thirty years ago of a certain someone I know very well looking very much like Emily and screaming her head off as well. At least she gets it honestly!

Only one or two more trip updates to go and a couple on the road funny stories too.


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