Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

In no particular order....

Rubbing Becca's super chunky smooth baby thighs while she's nursing.
The quiet house when all three girls are napping.
Blogging while the girls are peacefully playing together in the other room.
Bunco night.
Sitting at Starbucks with my husband.
Sitting at Starbucks with a good friend.
Ok, just sitting at Starbucks.
Eskimo and butterfly kisses at bedtime.
Pedicures with my mom.
Learning to knit.
Vacations to the beach.
Birthdays...even mine!
Mara's belly laugh
Emily's belly laugh
Becca's belly laugh
Laughing with my girls.



ginny said...

Quiet during naptime gets me through the day sometimes :) Unfortunately for me, Addi seems ready to give up nap time...I knew that day was coming.

Traci said...

Just a reminder that I am addicted to Starbucks as well.

*hint hint*

traci said...

Oh and while sitting at Starbucks tonight, your parents drove by in their new sports convertable. :)