Friday, June 29, 2007

Heaven?....No, Iowa!

The girls and I are going to Iowa tomorrow for my grandma's 80th birthday. 10 hour drive = no fun, but we're doing it in two days so it should'nt be that bad. Thanks you Jesus for portable DVD players! Oh, and Nana and Poppa are going too. Oh ya I'd go crazy if I were in the car that long with them by myself. I'm excited about seeing my grandma though. And the girls are way excited to see 'Gamma Iben' too. Mara says, "I'm gonna say HAPPY BURTDAY GAMMA IBEN, then I'm gonna gib her a big hug and kith too!" I guess that entire quote should have been in caps cause she really does scream the whole thing.

No blogging for eight days though! I'm twitching already. I'll take lots of pictures to share when we get back though.

Ok, I really need to stop blogging this morning and get some stuff done. I'm going to drive Dad crazy tomorrow if I'm not ready to go at the crack of dawn!


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