Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fun in Memphis

We're in Memphis this weekend visiting with Phillip's parents. The girls are loving being at DeeDee and Grand's house, and I even got a nap today!

We started at the zoo this morning. I had forgotten how nice the Memphis zoo was. We got to see the new butterfly exhibit...very cool! Mara was a little freaked out since she loves bugs so much (she HATES anything that even resembles a bug), but she let me stay in there for a little bit. The butterflies were so pretty and it's funny how it was just peaceful watching them, and you could even get close enough to see their little tongues come out when they were on the flowers.

And then we spent a lot of time with the sea lions. There was one young sea lion named Callie who was so playful. She would chase the kids back and forth along the window and even bite at a little toy fish. Emmy was so cute cause every time a sea lion would swim by she's say "EEEEWWWW" with her little lips all pooched out. I'm not sure why she was saying that but it was really cute.

And here's a couple more random pictures from the zoo...

And that's not all the fun we had today. Mara and Emily got to help DeeDee water the flowers (while I was napping!). Emily of course liked playing and splashing in the water (and eventually mud that the water made) more than watering the flowers. Pretty messy but too much fun!

Ok, I'm done fighting with blogspot to get this post to look right. I'm going to bed...Good Night!

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