Friday, May 4, 2007

Am I a Blogger?

So I've been reading several blogs for a couple of months now. Someone asked me then when I was going to start my own blog. I laughed and said, "Yeah, with all of my free time!" Well, here I am writing my first post for my own blog. How often will I post? Who knows! I'm hoping to share lots of current pictures of the girls (for those who have been bugging me about new pictures....Sharon!) and stories of our crazy 'circus' life. Hope to be back soon!


Phil said...

I really like your picture :-)

We'll have to help each other get self-portraits this weekend. I've got one in mind for my blog, but it would be really hard to do by myself.


Jessica said...

Oh My Goodness! It is such a small world! Your girls are beautiful! Wow... 3 now! What are their ages? email me at I am so glad we reconnected!