Tuesday, January 15, 2008

#746 on the list of things I never thought I'd say...

The other day, we were heading to the van.

By the time I got Emily and Becca down the stairs and to the van, Mara had already been there for a couple of minutes.

When I walked around the corner of the house to the van, the following conversation took place...

Me: Mara, please don't lick the van.
Mara: But Momma, I'm making a picture of you.

Sure enough, there were two eyes, a nose, and she was working on the smile when I told her to stop. All drawn with her tongue.

And as if that's not funny enough... Here's another conversation under the same circumstances but add rain later that same day....

Me: Mara Lin, I told you not to lick the van. That's gross.
Mara: But Momma, I'm thirsty.

I love that girl, but that's pretty gross!

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AutumnFawn said...

She and Lincoln ought to get together!