Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Girl Paradise

Day two of our big trip included a disappointing visit to Northpoint Church. I was so excited to visit the church and especially to check out the children's ministry, but they had canceled services that Sunday. (I'll spare my opinion here about them canceling services for one of the biggest Christian holidays, but if anyone whats to know my opinion just ask I'd love to give it!)

So we had a relaxing slow Sunday morning at the mall instead.

The girls and I ate lunch at the American Girl store while Sam and Daddy ventured out to find an electronics store.

I can not tell you enough how well the American Girl company knows and caters to little girls. We had THE best time at this lunch. They had these little high chair like things that attached to the table for the dolls to sit in.
Emily only has one of her twins here cause she left Elizabeth #1 in the van. She said that "Elizabeth was too shy to go eat lunch and wanted to stay in the van."

The waitress came to the table and asked the girls' names (and remembered their names) and the dolls' names (and remembered those too!). They brought us all menus and the dolls their own little menus too.
Then they brought each of the dolls a little chocolate chip muffin. The girls had fun sneaking little bites of the muffins and pretending that their dolls had eaten them.
It was a very fancy three course meal. The girls had fruit and yogurt, mac n cheese, and a chocolate milk shake....typical 'kid' food but the presentation was gorgeous.
We finished lunch before the boys were done at the electronics store so we went back to the doll salon and watched some dolls get their hair fixed and even ears pierces too.
They all stood just like this watching for at least thirty minutes.
I'm already wondering when we can go back!



christunte said...

Wow - and they even have matching outfits, girls and dolls! Amazing.

Candace said...

what fun girl time!

Mamarazzi said...

soooooo FUN!!

oh and i BIG red puffy heart your new CUTE!!

Baby Buggy said...

Looks like she is having a time of her life . Very very cute pictures. Thanks a lot for sharing .