Friday, December 4, 2009

I've never seen cuter pumpkins.

We've finally reached the end of my catch-up posts. I know most of you are getting ready for Christmas now, but how could you resist looking at these super cute pumpkins. I'm not sure what's cuter in this picture, Emily's hat or her "Seriously?" face or Becca's "Cheese" face, or Sam's butterball-ness!
We started our trick-or-treating at Nana and Papa's house. That poor cat....he gets abused by Mara about once a week and still hasn't learned to go hide.
Then we hit a few houses on our block.
And ended the night with some candy bowl diving.
If there are cuter pumpkins out there, I haven't seen them!



Chelle said...

I'm pretty sure those are the cutest pumpkins around.

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~Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

Love the expression on the cat's face!

ginny said...

Emily's expression in the first pic made me laugh! Cute, cute pumpkins!

Jenny Martin said...

Cutest pumpkins ever! Hands down. I love the look on Emily's face, Carrie.