Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let's Pretend

I promise to have posts with more words soon, but until then here's more pictures from our photo shoot with Daddy the other day.

This one would be fabulous if they were all looking in the same direction and maybe smiling just a little bit...let's just pretend they are...see, it's a great picture!

And let's pretend that the car is not in the background here and that Becca's smile is not quite so painful looking.
Mara might catch some flies here, but I love how 3/4th of them are laughing here. Becca's probably not smiling because I had just asked her to smile. Everything goes through her three-year-old stubborn filter (that's a blog post of it own).
Even though you have to pretend a little, I still LOVE having these great pictures of my MSC (Many Small Children as MckMama would say). And LOVE having a great (and very cute) photographer with us all the time!


Jenny Martin said...

I don't even have to pretend those are great pictures because they are PRECIOUS! If I've learned anything from being a mother, it's that the candid pictures are truly the best. All of those funny faces and oopsies are going to be priceless one day. And, Carrie, that Sam! I could eat him up.

Heidi said...

Great pics! i love their outfits.

ginny said...

I love these pictures! Look how big Sam has gotten! All your kids are precious and I'm glad you're back to posting so I can see such cute pictures.