Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seems like a perfectly good day to go skating.

After reading the President's address to school children yesterday and asking a couple of questions to Mara's teacher, we decided that Mara would indeed watch the speech live at school. I talked to her this morning and told her that she was going to get to hear the President of the United States talk to her today. I reminded her that his name is President Obama. Her response?....."Momma, that's kind of like Joe Mama!" Ok, that teaching moment was over so I just told her that I was excited that she would get to see the President today.

When she got home I asked her if she saw the president today. She said yes, so I asked her what he said to her.

Mara: He said that you never know if you can do something unless you try.

Me: Wow, that's awesome Mara. So we should always try our best, right?

Mara: Yes, I think I want to try skating.

Me: So what else did the president say?

Mara: Mom, when can we go skating?

Me: Mara, what else did the president talk about?

Mara: I really want to try skating.

Me: Do you remember what the president looked like?

Mara: Ummm....

Me: Do you remember his name?

Mara: Ummmm.... I don't know Mom, can we go skating now?

So evidently the President talked about skating today...or so my five year old thinks! Aren't you glad that there was so much controversy over a speech about skating.



christunte said...

Hurrah for 5-year olds.
I hope the skating went well.

Heidi said...

We originally had decided to opt-out but then after reviewing the speech Monday, decided that we'd let Caiden see it and then address it at home. He too, came home with some good info about staying in school and working hard. I was surprised to get anything out of him about it. I'm disappointed though...he didn't mention anything about skating : )!