Thursday, July 30, 2009

Better Late

I guess since Mara Lin's fixing to start Kindergarten (in 11 days to be exact), I should probably go ahead and post pictures of the Preschool graduation from back in May...Oops!

Here's Emily walking in a waving to me. The younger classes just came out and sang a few songs. She is normally really shy when she knows that someone is looking at her, but she really did good singing all of the songs and even doing a few motions.
Then the graduation. The kids sang a few songs and then told everyone what they wanted to be when the grow up. Mara wants to be a ballet teacher. Then they got to ring the bell. Here's Mara ringing the bell...
And yes, I might have shed a tear or two when she walked out in the graduation cap looking oh so very grown up. I'll blame it on the hormones though since I was about 36 weeks pregnant!
And of course the other two had to pose for daddy too. I love this one of Emily...very artsy!
And here's the girl who grew up over night....
Stay tuned for first day of Kindergarten pictures in eleven days!


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