Friday, June 26, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Warning: All of my male readership should stop reading this post now.

No really Dad, you don't want to hear what I'm fixing to say.

Ok, if you're male and still reading...don't say I didn't warn you.

I just HAVE to tell you about the new Always Infinity pads. Oh my word, is it possible to love a pad? Well, if it is then these are the ones!

I have really sensitive skin which the nurses at the hospital loved last week since they couldn't use any adhesive on me. I have allergic reactions to anything on or against my skin for any length of time. That poses a problem when you have to wear pads for so long after having a baby.

Well, these pads are super thin, very cottony, not at all plastic-y, and get the job done super well. For real, you've got to try them...would I totally embarrass myself and post about pads on my blog if they're weren't fabulous?! They are expensive but there was a $4 coupon in the 6/7 newspaper that make them really worth a try.

And while I'm at it, I might as well tell you about a fabulous new nursing bra I found too. I HATE nursing bras. If you find one that comfortable then 'the girls' look really bad, and if you find one that makes 'the girls' look good then it is so uncomfortable. Well, Bravado body silk nursing bra to the rescue. It is really comfortable AND make 'the girls' look ok too. Oh, and I found them for about 1/2 price on ebay too. Comfort...great looking 'girls'...and a great deal too...can't beat it!



Jenni said...

I like the Always pads too. And I'm off to check out the nursing bra!

One question for you, though...are you changing the name of your website?

You've probably already talked about it, but I missed it!

VH said...

Ok, so I am just getting to the bottom of this post and seeing the part about the bras. I can so relate... I absolutely hate them but am once again in search of something that will work for my "large" girls... I don't want to sag and I don't want torpedos in a straight jacket either. :-) So now after having some time to get used to yours, do you still love them?