Thursday, June 4, 2009

Favorite Things Swap

It's time to report back about a fabulous swap that I participated in. Mamarazzi organized another great one. I was paired up with Melissa. It was so much fun to put together a package for her, and then I got all these goodies in the mail the other day....
Oh, this picture is minus a few (make that about a dozen) smarties since those are Phillip's favorite and he raided them before I had a chance to take a picture!

Thanks Mamarazzi for organizing such a fun swap, and thanks to Melissa for a fabulous package!


Mamarazzi said...

great stuff!! i am so glad you decided to play again!!

Ya know, these swaps are a LOT of work, but I love when people receive their packages and love what they get. Just knowing that over 100 women all over the United States are receiving packages of awesomeness this week thrills me!! Not to mention the bloggy friendships that are forming, it’s just way too cool!

it looks like the vote is in and I am hosting a Red, White and Blue Swap towards the end of the month and will be announcing it SOON!! Keep an eye out for it, I think it’s going to FUN!

Chelle said...

Yummy! I love Tony Chacheres.