Friday, May 29, 2009

A rose by any other name....

I have a serious post still bouncing around my head and my drafts page, so in the mean time here's something to entertain you...or distract you, whatever the case may be!

I stole this from Jenny at One Thing. I love the superhero name, and the nascar name...that could so be a nascar driver!

Rock Star Name: (1st Pet’s name & current car) ~ Babe Venture
Fly Guy/Girl Name: (1st initial + first 3 letters of your last name) ~ C-Jer
Detective Name: (Fave color & fave animal) ~ Pink Cat
Soap Opera Name: (Middle name & city/town born in) ~ Lin Ft. Leonardwood
Star Wars Name: (First 3 letters of last name + first 2 of first name) ~ Jerca
Superhero: (”The” & second fave color & fave drink) ~ The Green Diet Coke
Name: (1st names of grandfathers’) ~ Roy Keith
Stripper Name: (Fave scent/perfume/cologne & fave candy) ~ Lavender SweetTart
Witness Protection Name: (Mom & Dad’s middle name) ~ Sue John
Weather Anchor Name: (5th grade teacher’s last name & a city which starts with the same letter) ~ Bagwell Birmingham
Spy/Bond Name: (fave season/holiday & fave flower) ~ Spring Tulip
Cartoon Name: (fave fruit & article of present clothing + “ie” or “y”) ~ Strawberry Flip Floppy
Name: (What you ate for breakfast & fave tree) ~ Oatmeal Willow


melissa said...

Hey Carrie!

I recieved my swap package..and it was awesome!! I love love the bag! I was totally going to go looking for a bag like that for my trip next week!! The sour patch candies were delish!! I am loving the soap as well as the wash cloth (its sooo soft!)

I am hoping that you recieve your package really soon, I mailed it Tuesday Morning, I had my son run in the post office (big mistake) he did not say "priority mail" which is how i always mail things. So I am not really sure when You will get it..soon I hope!!

Thanks again!! =)


Jenni said...

Now THAT is a hippie name! WTG!

Love your weatherman name, too. Those always come out well, it seems.

Thanks for playing, Carrie!