Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If it goes through her mind... comes out her mouth. Not me, my three year old! Well, she does get it honestly though.

Emily: (while brushing my hair) Momma, some of your hair is changing.
Me: I know Sissy, is it gray?
Emily: No, it's White!
Me: (laughing)
Emily: No really Momma, I'm not kidding, there's lots of it right here.
Me: (not laughing anymore) Ok Sissy, I think you're done brushing mommy's hair!

About five minutes later....

Emily: Can we watch Barney?
Me: No, let's pick something else...Mommy has a headache.
Emily: Is that what the white hair is....a headache?

No baby girl, gray hair and headaches are two different things...but a lot of my gray hair and headaches are both caused by the same little strong willed three year old who has a tendency to speak her mind!


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christunte said...

Oh dear! Well, she is not good at lying (yet)... That´s good.
My worst thought when discovering gray hairs was all the gray hairs on my head, yet unnoticed.
Remember - white hairs are the crown - of something. It´s in Proverbs, I think.