Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Family Time

Last weekend we went on a live nativity hayride at a local church. It started with cookies and hot chocolate then continued with a hayride to several 'scenes' around the church grounds. We saw the prophets foretelling the coming Christ, the wisemen complete with real camels, and the shepherds with real sheep and angels in the sky (Hmmm, the angels were in the sky but the sheep were on the ground!). It ended with a sweet experience up close with the Christ Child.
That's me and the girls in the foreground of this picture. We had a great night to remember for a long time. When we were leaving, Emily asked if baby Jesus was going to get to go on the hayride too. We know what was her favorite part!


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Heidi said...

I think this nativity hayride is one of the best Christ-centered things I have ever experienced at Christmas time. The boys enjoyed it so much and really "get" the true-meaning of Christmas when they see Baby Jesus in the manger. It is truly a sweet, sweet time.