Monday, December 1, 2008

Ok, I'm back...

...for real this time...I promise!

First things first though, I have got to tell you about a super fun swap that I did a couple of weeks ago. It was hosted by Mamarazzi, and I was matched up with Lori.

So you were supposed to gather up several goodies that were you 'favorite' things. I had so much fun getting the box ready for Lori. You can read about my package to her here.

Now on to the package I received. I LOVE it!
...a fun snowman window thingy, a pad and pen, bambi movie and popcorn, thank you cards, burt's bees, sudoku book, memory game, gum, and a mix for some yummy dip...

I love it all! The girls busted into the snowman decoration right away.
And they busted into the memory game moments later. Then that afternoon we had popcorn and watched Bambi (we don't have that Disney movie), except now the girls have really been into playing 'mommy died' with their animals!
I think my favorite part of the whole package though was the little card she had in it. On the front is artwork by Lori's 'favorite artist''s her six-year-old neat!

Anyway, thanks Lori for a great package and thanks Hollee Ann for such a fun swap!



Mamarazzi said...

FUN!! i am so glad you played and got so much fun stuff! love it!

i will be hosting another swap in Feb. or Mar. AND something equally fun in January! i hope you will play again!

Lori said...

soooo glad you like it! and how cute that you also posted Olivia's art! She will get a kick out of that!