Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh my heart...'s hurting today.

Even though it totally seems like this...
...was yesterday. It wasn't. It was FIVE years ago.

I can. not. believe. that Mara Lin turned five today.
Oh what a happy, happy baby she was. She was exactly what I needed to break me in as a mom and make me want many many more babies!
She's grown SO fast and is such a lady, so nurturing and mommy to everyone.
I'm so proud of the sweet, sweet girl that she has become,
and am SO lucky that God picked me to be her Mommy!
Mara Lin,
Since you say that you can't be four forever, I guess I'll let you be five. Just be patient with Momma as she learns to let go and launch you into the world. I thank God everyday for the amazing little girl that you are and can't wait to see what God has planned for your life. I love you so much baby girl!



Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Mara! I cannot believe that she is 5!!! Time passes too quickly!

Traci said...

Happy birthday Mara!!!

Here's many hugs for you, Carrie. ;)


Chelle said...

Precious. It all happens so fast. Sniff, sniff.

not up to code said...

Happy Birthday to Mara!

Alice Gunther said...

Oh, she is beautiful--and it goes too fast!!!

[I am bracing myself for a certain lovely four-year-old to turn five in March.]

Sharon Harrison said...

wow...can't believe she is five.. I remember coming to the hospital and loving on her...Give her a big hug. Hope things are going well for you guys.

Heidi said...

I'm just catching up on my blog reading. Happy Belated Birthday Mara. Carrie, this post brought tears to my eyes. And, you are right, she is a special young lady.

ginny said...

Happy Birthday to your Mara!

Five is a tough one, Carrie :)