Friday, November 7, 2008

Where do cherries come from?

Emily had on a shirt the other day that had cherries on it. That sparked the following conversation....

Emily: Mmmmm, I want to eat some cherries.
Mara: Emily, we don't have any cherries.
Emily: Uh huh, they're right here on my shirt.
Mara: Emmy, don't be silly...cherries don't come from shirts, they come from milkshakes.

Mmmm, I love those cherries on the top of milkshakes, and I love that in Mara's four-year-old world cherries come from milkshakes! Oh to be four again!



Chelle said...

That's adorable.

Jenny M. said...

That is so sweet and one of the funniest "kid-isms" I've heard. You should send that in to Reader's Digest or something.

Heidi said...

We just love that girl!

Lesley said...

Love it!

(the story, not those yucky cherries. fresh cherries yes, candied no.)

Mamarazzi said...

of course they come from milkshakes, makes perfect sense to me!