Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tag, you're it!

Mamarazzi tagged me for this really easy meme. You just have to go to your photo file, find the sixth folder, and post the sixth picture in that folder.

This is the adorable picture I found there. Well actually the sixth folder only had three pictures in it so this is the seventh picture in the seventh folder.

Look at their little faces. I can't believe that the cute little thing on the left there is the source of so much stubbornness now....well, ok she was stubborn then too!
Oh, and our bathtub has gotten significantly smaller in the two and a half years since this picture was taken!

Oh man, I almost forgot that I'm supposed to tag five other people. Let's about Heidi, Chelle, Ginny, Jes, and Vicki.



traci said...

I could just eat those cheeks!!

Mamarazzi said...

bubbly cuteness!

ginny said...

I love bathtub pics! They just look ready for pajamas and snuggles.

Mine's up.

not up to code said...

What a fun way to look back!