Monday, October 13, 2008

Guess who? Updated with answers!

Ginny at 5 Texans posted pictures of her three kids at the same age a couple of weeks ago. Her kids look amazingly alike.

So I dug through some old pictures and found pics of the Three Girl Circus at about three months old.

Can you tell who is who?
Yep, y'all are right. The first one is Emily, the second Mara, and the last one is Becca Sue. I forgot to mention that there were prizes. Everyone who answered correctly gets to spend an entire month with Emily Elizabeth at their house! WoooHooo! Ya'll figure her out and send her back to me...K?!


Traci said...

Emily, Mara, Becca

Chelle said...

Ditto, Emmy, Mara, Becca Boo.

ginny said...

(not looking at other commenter's guessess, not looking at other commenter's guesses...)
From top to bottom, I guess Emily, Mara, and Becca. I think Becca's the most clear (probably because she's closest to that age) and Mara's the least. I might have only gotten Emily because of your recent bathtub pic post. Am I right?

~Amber~ said...

Emily, Mara and then Becca. Emily hasn't changed a bit!

Mamarazzi said...

aww man i missed out on having one of your little sweeties?!? bummer

send her over anyway!

ginny said...

Oh, you know she'd be on her best behavior just as Libby is at preschool. I get her reports every day and wonder if her teachers are lying in their comments about her :)