Friday, August 8, 2008

Survivor: Three Girl Circus Island

The last couple of weeks I feel like we've had our own reality tv show right here on Three-Girl Circus Island.

If anyone was voted off, I'd probably be the first to go.

We've made it through Daddy working really long hours, not being able to go the Nana and Popa's (because of an ice maker flood), lots and lots and LOTS of whining, and even more sibling fighting.

The endless singing is about to make my head explode....if they're not singing, they're humming and oh the endless talking.

This Momma is about to send herself to Exile Island aka Starbucks!

Just being real. Oh and if the Survivor execs are looking for the next location for their show....



Jenny Martin said...

School starts soon, Carrie! Wink! Wink!

Rachel said...

One Survivor fan to another...I'm in the same canoe paddling with what feels like a paper towel. It's been so can I don't even think I can blog about it.

Mamarazzi said...

i TOTALLY volunteer to be exhile island for your three little girlies!!

send them on over i am ready for a little girl time!!

let the tea parties begin!

ginny said...

I was just thinking today that the whining and fighting was getting out of control at my house. Maybe it's the time of year??

BTW, did you see Bryan's comment on my blog back to you? (the post about the talking) Don't know why he didn't make a comment over here...I guess just admitting he's a "closet" Three-Girl Circus reader was as far as he could go : )

not up to code said...

Can I volunteer to get voted off?