Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sure, why not!

You know what? I am so tired of being the bad guy all of time in my girls' life.

Something our little 4 year old neighbor said the other day got me thinking. We were outside eating popsicles. I told him to go ask his mom if he could have one cause we had plenty. As he's running away to go ask her, I hear him say, "She'll probably say no."

I have to say no so many times in one day, so I'm doing a little protest this week.

This week is "Sure, why not!" week. Whenever the girls ask something this week...if it can't hurt someone or send someone to jail....I'm answering "Sure, why not!"

Mom, can we have brownies for breakfast? Sure, why not!
Mom, can we go to the park? Sure, why not!
Mom, can we finger paint? Sure, why not!
Mom, can we make mud pies? Sure, why not!

Wanna play this week too? It should be fun!



Traci said...

Um. Play group is at my house this week, so please refer all "sure, why not" questions to me, k? Thanks.

Lesley said...

I'm interested to see how your experiment goes. Please report back. Until that time,I will continue to be the bad Warta.

Mamarazzi said...

i love this game. a little story, if i may;

my husband works in law enforcement. he is in the habit of saying "No" before he really hears the full request. it's just his automatic response. soooo whenever Jordan would ask for something he would say no first and either say yes right away after or see the look on one of our faces and THEN say yes. soooo he and i talked about it, he hated that he did that and wanted to break the habit at home, afterall his child was not an inmate trying to pull on over on him to get more than she 'had coming'. anyway we came up with a plan. he would say YES to everything, EVERYTHING and depending on what it was he would add "that sounds great" or "we should do that someday" or "i like that idea, let's plan on it" whatever it was even if it was really a "no" he would say yes. it opened a line of dialog that he had never had with Jordan and in a way it was rather magical to watch.

i know it's not EXACTLY what you are talking about but it kind of is. i mean why not say yes to as much as you can while your kids are still kids. of course there will be times when the answer is no, but atleast we can get creative about it.

i know that i personally hate the word i try to use it as little as possible. and honestly its totally working for us. Jordan turns 13 at the end of this month and she is a really great kid.

ok that ended up being longer than i thought it would...sorry!

bottom line i LOVE your idea!


Sharon Harrison said...

So...will this work for a 19 year old son too? Sounds like you are a fun mommy!! I would love to see you. We will be in Murfreesboro 5 out of the next 10 weekends so maybe we can make it happen :)

clementsfabfive said...

AMEN, sister! Play, Play, Play....have a great week!

Heidi said...

My boys will be right over! I'm sure they are tired of hearing me say "no" as often as I do.