Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In a blaze of glory!

Remember last October when Emily gave up her paci for about five days? Yeah, it only lasted five days because this mommy was really about to loose it. She got it back and I've had the "Whatever, dude" attitude about it ever since.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was snuggling with Em at bedtime and she said, "Mom, I want to give my paci to the paci fairy."

I've not a clue where she got this idea of a paci fairy from but I decided to run with it and asked, "When do you want to give it to the paci fairy?"

"On Saturday."

Alrighty then! We geared up for a visit from the paci fairy in three days.

Saturday night came and Emily wrapped her pacis up...
...and put them on the front porch.
She was SO excited. The next morning she was just beside herself with all of the goodies the paci fairy left.

Sounds like a perfect solution for getting rid of the paci...right? That is until I tell you that she hasn't napped in ten days....and REALLY needs a nap. I am so close to loosing it again but trying to hold out.

She's going to be the end of me. We're going to go out together...in a blaze of glory!



Amanda said...

Here's an idea that worked for a friend of mine: Nip a tiny hole in the paci so it can't form a suction and let her become dissatisfied with it and reject it own her own.

It might work; it might not. But it's worth a try!

Traci said...

The cutting paci thing did not work for us, but I really think you should hold on and not give in. Come on!! You can do it!!

I love her face in that picture!! How could anyone with that face give you a hard time? ;)

AutumnFawn said...

Oh yes, both my boys gave up naps after I took their passy's away, so Shiloh can have it 'till she's 10 for all I care!!!!!

Well, maybe not 'till she's 10, but for now, for sanity's sake, I am not about to take it away!!!

I have to give myself a pat on the back, though, for at least taking it away during the day while she's awake!:)

Mamarazzi said...

do not kill the magic that is the paci fairy! :)

hang tough...you can totally do it. maybe nap time is just going to change into "quiet time" with little do it herself activities or even a movie. there is totally nothing wrong with having a little quiet time so that you can recharge.

hang in there...this too shall pass!

Amy said...

My goodness, that is the cutest story!! Can you drive around with her in the car to get her some much needed sleep?? Good luck cuz, I love me some nap time around here (my daughter is 3). I would totally go with quiet time. It works for me as an adult ;) [ok, ok, i'm sleeping...]

clementsfabfive said...

Baylee didn't give up her paci until she was three. When it came time to give up blankie, I said, "well if she is taking it to Kindergarten with her, then I'll worry" HA....well guess who rides with us to school and waits in the van for Baylee to get back in the afternoon. Yes, its blankie. She has had that thing since she was a baby, its old, and torn and a very strange shade of pink after all the trips to the washing machine over the last 5 (almost 6) years. Love the pics, and the story, very cute.

Totallyscrappy said...

Hold firm, my Paci Fairy Friend!! Blaze on...