Saturday, July 26, 2008

The baseball thing again.

So we finally decided to go ahead and sign up both Mara and Emily for baseball this season. It's jut a 6-week program where they learn they learn the rules and have fun without competition.

While trying to make a decision this week, I was talking to Mara....

Me: Hey Mara, do you want to play baseball with Caiden?
Mara: No, I'm busy coloring right now.
Me: No, we're not going to play right now, but we have to sign-up now to play.
Mara: We get to put signs up?
Me: Um, never mind!

So needless to say, we just made a decision and will have to wait until the season starts to see if they like it or not!



Anonymous said...

Dear carrie-
I feel like a terrible friend... I have not checked on you on so long! Yet know that I do think of u and have prayed for u and phillip. Are you doing ok? My new email is veromckim write if u have time.
Oh...& I am hooked on my iPhone as well.
Loved seeing pics of the girls.
Talk to you soon.
Hug for you.

Kim said...

I love how kids can take the meanings of words and can't understand the other meanings. :)

So, have they started yet? And if so do they like it?