Friday, June 20, 2008

I've tried...I've really tried.

I have half-written and trashed about a half a dozen posts in the last week. In fact I almost just trashed this one too.

I'm hanging in there and hope to be able to complete a thought soon. I've never been at a loss for words so this is new to me, but new isn't bad.

I'm hardly ever still and am NEVER quiet, so I'm learning to practice Ps. 46:10....Be still and know that I am God.

I'm still...and I'm knowing!

I'll be back soon to regular postings....I guess that's if God thinks I'm done being still!



Mamarazzi said...

OH Carrie, you are still so much in my heart and on my mind. I think about you often and wonder how each day, each moment is going for you and your family.

i know this loss all to well. just soak up all the love and snuggles you can from those beautiful girls, three gorgeous, amazing blessings...THREE...what a wonderful gift, and yet still so much greatness to come, of this i am sure.

being still is a good thing.

you are in my prayers.

clementsfabfive said...

oh sweet sister, there are no words during times like these. maybe that is why God tells us to just be still and know him. i studied that scripture once and it translates in hebrew...."be at rest" i love that, how he allows us to rest in him. its a beautiful place to be.
all my love

Kathie said...

Your girls are beautiful and God is so precious and awesome during times of trials. You are in our prayers as are the rest of your family. I have been thinking a great deal lately about the verse you mentioned in this post. Be still and know that I am God....In today's rush-rush world, being still seems to be the last thing on our minds, and yet it is the one thing we need so much. That quiet time of peace when we can hear God's still, small voice.
Blessings from Costa Rica,