Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pity Party

Ok, I know ya'll are feeling sorry for me having to spend an entire week on the beach...sleeping in...napping...having fun with my girls. But getting these little ones back on a schedule is SO hard!

We were really relaxed with table manners, and just listening and obedience in general. Back to real life, and it's only 7:30 and we've already had two meltdowns and tons of tears (not my tears...yet!).

Hang in there a couple more days, Carrie....it'll get better.

Ok, pity party over!



Mamarazzi said...

it WILL get better...even in your pity party state you KNOW that!

coming home from a vacation is always hard on me...i feel bad for everyone around me for a few days.

i ALWAYS just want to play...a little longer, please?

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Ooh, the re-entry is always the worst part of any vacation. I hope everything's back on track soon!

clementsfabfive said...

You take the best pics of your girls. They are so cute. Yes, coming back from vacation is no fun. You'll be back on schedule in no time. Hope you are feeling well! How many weeks now?

Mamarazzi said...

pssst...i left you a little L O V E over on my blog...come and pick it up and pass it on!!!